Lunch at Ursuline Pre- School is provided by Thomas Franks. They provide a delicious range of healthy nutritious meals, all cooked in our school kitchen.   

Pre- School children go up to the main school dining room and are supported by our Pre- School staff, as well as the midday supervisors. 

There is a vegetarian option each day and children with allergies or dietary requirements can be catered for individually.  Please speak to us to find out more about this.

For children who only attend in the morning, there is an option to stay for lunch as well.

The hot meal service will include:



Thomas Franks also provides the Pre- School children with an healthy morning and afternoon snack. This can be fruit, cucumber sticks, crackers or cheese.    Children can bring their own snack if they prefer.  We are a nut free school.  Please see our snack policy for more details.  

Lunches and snacks are paid for termly.  Please see our fees page for more detail.

Below are indicative menus. 

food and catering

Nut Allergies

Ursuline Pre-School maintains a nut-free environment due to the increasing prevalence of nut allergies among children. Even the slightest contact with nuts can trigger severe and potentially life-threatening reactions. 

To ensure the safety and well-being of all our students, we urge parents to strictly adhere to our nut-free policy, refraining from bringing nuts or nut-based products into the Pre-School premises. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this crucial matter.


As part of our commitment to providing essential nutrients, fresh milk is readily available, free of charge, for Pre-School children.


Hydration is equally significant for optimal learning, and to encourage this, we urge pupils to bring in water in clear plastic bottles, which they may have with them in class. Staying hydrated not only aids in the learning process but also supports overall well-being.