Ursuline Pre-School Routine

Atypical day will follow this structure:

8:00am – 8:45am Children are greeted by their teachers and select a new book for taking home that evening.  There is then time to play with their friends.
9:00am The register is taken and there is a focused learning session on the carpet, run by one of our main teachers.   This might be reading and discussing the book that is the focus for the week. There will always be a speaking and listening part of this lesson so all children have a chance to speak in front of the group. There may be a specialist lesson of Music or PE. Indoor and outdoor activities, including focus activities run by adults, to extend the learning from the earlier carpet session.
10:00am Snack time
10:20am Free play inside and outside. One to one and group activities tun by Teachers and TAs. Phonics are also introduced in the second half of the year.
11:30am Lunch in the dining hall
12:00pm Outside play
1:00pm Carpet teaching session.  This is the second main teaching session of the day. This might focus on Maths, for example looking at counting to 10, or it might be a session focusing on developing personal and social skills. This might involve reading a story and children sharing their own ideas.
1:20pm Free flow play inside and outside.  Teachers can work with children one to one during this time, or spend time extending their learning in their play activities.
2:30pm Snack time
3:00pm Songs and Prayer – This is a great way to set the tone for the ending of the school day and to have a moment to reflect on the day.
3:15pm Home time

Many children go to 5 stars club.  There are lots of fun games and activities to join in with.

Daily Routine in the Nursery Pre-School